Georgia Tech Preview – Old Fashioned Hate

It’s time for the game the Bulldog Nation hates the most to lose, Clean Old-Fashioned Hate.  While we have won 10 out of 11 in the series, the games for the most part have been competitive.  Last year in Atlanta was the first game since Fish Fry Johnson has been at the helm where the game really wasn’t competitive.  Saturday afternoon will certainly be the largest game in the series since 2002 when Georgia was playing for a potential spot in the BCS championship.  This game is a default national quarterfinal to keep us in position for a shot at the national championship.  Let’s get to the preview.

When Tech Has the Ball

For the 2nd week in a row, the Georgia defense faces the service academy triple option, and they will be tested to play assignment football and be fundamentally sound.  Tech is a different animal than GSU in that they will run the offense with bigger and faster players and will likely attempt more passes than the Eagles.  As I wrote last week, we need to control the dive and the inside running game.  Tech will get some plays wide on us as they do with everyone they play.  The key is to limit the ability of the Tech offense to hit big plays and to keep them behind the chains.

When Georgia Has the Ball

The Tech defense has struggled to stop teams all year long, and we’re likely the best offense they will face this season.  Aaron Murray has picked the Tech defense apart the last 2 years with big games through the air.  If the Tech defense sells out to stop Gurshall, look for the Georgia passing game to kick into high gear as Murray exploits match-ups down the field.  If Tech tries to keep the safeties back to help in coverage, I look for Gurshall to find big holes and yardage.  Tech is going to have to pick their poison and hope we can’t make them pay.

What Will Happen

Georgia has better talent across the board than Tech does on both sides of the ball.  The Dawgs have everything to play for to keep their focus on Tech.  Hopefully, Georgia has a home crowd that is ready and at full throat for kick-off and throughout the game.  A win without a doubt makes Tech’s season regardless of what happens in Charlotte.  While I think Tech will get points and yards because we’re not going to stop them every time they get the ball, Georgia should be able to put up points and yards by the bunches as long as we don’t turn the ball over.  The Dawgs pull away in the second half as the defense gains control of the game and the offense keeps the pressure on the Tech offense to keep up.

Final Score:  Georgia 38, Tech 24

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