Ole Miss Preview – Red Solo Cup

Last week was the Cocktail Party with the amateurs from south of the border.  This week, the Dawgs step into the big leagues of tailgating with the arrival of the Ole Miss Rebels for Homecoming in Athens.  On the football side, Georgia finds itself in a potential trap game situation following an emotional, physical game against Florida.  This week I have kept coming back to 1996 when we had a letdown against Ole Miss at home following an emotionally taxing win on the Plains against Auburn.  We need to keep that from happening on Saturday with a team that’s ready to play from the opening kick-off.

When Ole Miss Has the Ball

Hugh Freeze has brought the up tempo spread offense to northeast Mississippi.  His offense already has the Armani Bear up in arms about player safety when his complaint is really about allowing his defense to get set.  Our defensive coaches and players have said the right things all week about being prepared to face the hurry-up.  We’re going to need to be in position and probably play a lot of base defense due to the challenges of substitution and getting blitz calls in from the sideline.  We’re going to need to take care of the Rebels’ running game with a good push from the defensive line to keep our safeties back against the multiple wide receiver sets we’re going to see.  Finally, we need to run to the ball and make tackles in space to keep the Rebels from playing in front of the chains and wearing down our defensive personnel.

When Georgia Has the Ball

We should be able to move the ball with a balanced attack against the Ole Miss defense.  If our offensive line can move the Rebel defensive line, GurShall should have creases available in the running game as Texas and Alabama both found early in the season.  Ole Miss has shown they have been able to put pressure on the quarterback, so we’re going to have to stay out of sure passing situations.  We should be able to take advantage of matchups in the Rebels’ secondary when Ole Miss rolls a safety up to the line of scrimmage.  Ole Miss is going to have to determine whether they want to sell out to stop the run and make Murray beat them with his arm or whether they try to play base defense and try to stop GurShall with their front 7.

What Will Happen

Can we be ready to play on the edge two weeks in a row or will we play down to our opposition?  I think the game is going to end up somewhere close to the middle of those two extremes.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see us get off to a slow start on defense as we adjust to the tempo of the Rebel offense and give Grantham a chance to make in-game adjustments.  I think the offense opens up against an opponent that likely doesn’t have the depth of athletes to keep pace with our skilled people.  While it won’t be pretty, the Dawgs should be able to put one hand on the SEC East championship tomorrow night with a win over the Rebel Black Bears.

Final Score:  Georgia 38, Ole Miss 27

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4 Responses to Ole Miss Preview – Red Solo Cup

  1. Thomas Brown says:

    Ole Miss never gets 27. Their wins, like Texas A and M, Alabama, Oregon, Notre Dame, Kansas State, and Mississippi State are all over nobodies. Florida, good you broght that up, is rooting for Ole Miss, like they are still in it. Did we thank the arrogant jort-wearing Florida fans for their full-page ad in the Red and Black pre-game telling us how bad we are and how great they are ?

    Thank you Jimmy W Barbee for you and your buddies paying for that Red and Black ful-page ad to stir us up and provide bulletin board material for every locker.

    • eethomaswfnc says:

      I hope you’re right that they don’t get 27. We should take care of things if we’re ready to play. Enjoy the game today.

      • Thomas Brown says:

        Elite # 5 Georgia 8-1 jumps up in every poll to Top 5 team as we enjoyed a beautiful Homecoming arriving in force, booed early, then dictated 37 unanswered points to satiate the crowd 37-10 over supposed to be tough Ole Miss before they left early to I guess to see we play # 1 Alabama for the BCS National Championship Title Game Berth against # 1 Pass Defense # 1 Rush Defense # 1 Total Defense Alabama, after we go to Auburn 2-7 headed to 3-9 season.

        After Auburn, we have Georgia Southern who took it on the chin tonight from Appalachian State, then hapless soon to be 4-8 Georgie tek the # 36 university also # 36 in won/lost record after 1957 with no major bowl won after 1957, on NCAA Probation again 2012 in both Football, again, and men’s basketball.

        # 1 Alabama remains, 3 of 4 NC currently ?
        # 5 Georgia jumps into the Top 5 at # 5, 12-2, top 10 seven times
        # 6 Florida bragged in Red and Black full-page ad pre-game, 12-1
        # 7 LSU falls behind UGA and Florida
        # 8 South Carolina with week off, get better Marcus Lattimore, 11-2
        # 15 Texas A and M Johnny Football Manziel R Fr 5’ 11” 175 lbs, 10-3

        Vandie appears headed to bowl and 8-5 season
        vols 7-6 season maybe and Dooley gone either way
        Kentucky 2-10 season
        Mizzou 4-5 record 1-5 SEC, 7-6 season – just not as promised

        # 5 UGA vs # 1 Alabama Dome, drops us to # 8 win BCS bowl 12-2

        Notre Dame has no Aaron Murray, team destiny beating 4-5 team ?
        Kansas State lot football to play, loses
        Oregon no good team beat

        Boise State Mountain West out of Top 25
        West Virginia Big XII out of Top 25
        Texas Tech Tommy Tuberville Big XII out of Top 25 at 6-3
        Okie State Cowboys Big XII out of Top 25 at 5-3
        Arizona PAC-12 finally out of Top 25 at 5-4
        # 17 Southern California out Top 25 at 6-3

        Johnny Football Manziel redshirt Freshman scholarship offers Oregon & Stanford will score 45 TD 2012 equally passing and rushing with 3650 passing yards and 1330 rushing yards same as Todd Gurley puts-up and Texas A and M joins SEC puts up impressive 10-3 season Top 15 team, quite impressive, far better than anyone could have imagined with great home stadium crowd – Welcome to The SEC Texas A and M. Seems joining The SEC made a BIG difference in recruiting for Texas A and M, while I had under-estimated that affect. If Johnny Football can remain healthy, they have a 4-year run with him at QB since he will never play QB in the NFL which might produce over 40-Wins with the little speedster at the helm. Think of the difference if he leaves his home in Texas and goes to Stanford ? Maybe we could match them up in a Bowl Game Stanford and Texas A and M.

        UGA Defense
        # 25 Scoring Defense
        # 24 Pass Defense

        UGA Offense
        # 24 Scoring Offense
        # 23 Total Offense

        Jarvis Jones 2012 Season Total prediction :
        25 Tackles For Loss
        15 Sacks
        2 Interceptions
        3 Pass Break-ups
        33 Quarterback Hurries
        8 Forced Fumbles called drops by Florida fans
        3 Fumble Recoveries
        Most Celebrated UGA Linebacker in our 120-year history
        College Football Hall of Fame

        GurShall 2012 Season Total prediction :
        1330 yards rushing Todd Gurley
        15 TD Todd Gurley Rushing
        812 yards rushing Keith Marshall whom we should be running outside
        7 TD Keith Marshall Rushing

        Aaron Murray 2012 Season Total prediction :
        3800 yards Passing
        32 Touchdowns Passing
        11 Interceptions
        Signature Win over then # 2 Florida for his TD Pass Malcolm Mitchell

        – beat FL who beat Tx A&M USCe LSU
        – FL struggled a lot more than we did against Mizzou
        12-2 Top 10 Finish # 8, great year for UGA, (Florida ends up # 4)
        Mark Richt’s Best Win and Aaron Murray’s Best Win
        Restored our luster vs FU

      • eethomaswfnc says:

        Good win yesterday. Let’s go cage the Tigers on the Plains.

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