Old-Fashioned Hate – Highs and Lows


At high noon at the Joke by Coke, the Georgia-Georgia Tech rivalry renews with a lot on the line for each team.  After the last couple of years, I have decided to drop “Clean” from the description of the rivalry.  With the positive results of the last two “highs and lows” for Auburn and Florida, I decided I would put up a similar post for good luck and to remind everyone why we can’t stand these guys.

Great Wins

1) 2002 – Georgia 51, Tech 7 — In what was maybe the Dawgs’ most dominant win in the series, the SEC East champions come into Sanford Stadium and run the Jackets out of the building before the crowd has settled in.  Musa Smith goes over 1,000 yards for the season, and the defense just crushes the Tech offense.  I have never seen the visitors’ sections of Sanford Stadium empty so fast.

2) 1997 – Georgia 27, Tech 24 — In one of the rivalry’s best games at Grant Field, Mike Bobo leads the Dawgs to a late touchdown to Corey Allen after Tech scores late to take the lead.  A pass interference penalty negates an apparent Tech interception, and Georgia scores a couple of plays later.  Yes, Tech fans, Hines Ward was mugged on the play.  When your jersey is being ripped off while the ball’s in the air, that’s typically a penalty.  Larry Munson’s call of Corey Allen’s touchdown is still a classic worthy of the man himself.

3) 2006 – Georgia 15, Tech 12 — In one of the few games where Tech was favored in Athens, Matthew Stafford, Mohammed Massaquoi, and the Dawgs drop an anvil on the collective Yellow Jacket faithful with a late touchdown and 2-point conversion.  Munson’s call of final drive is probably the last of his legendary calls and has to be on any of Munson’s greatest calls DVDs.

4) 1978 – Georgia 29, Tech 28 — Coach Dooley said this game was probably the best spectator game he has ever been affiliated with.  A Scott Woerner punt return followed by a Drew Hill kick-off return completely turned the stadium upside down.  Buck Belue leads team down the field late and throws a touchdown pass to Amp Arnold on 4th down.  Then, Arnold scores the 2-point conversion after a Tech penalty on the first try to win the game.  Another great Munson call for the vault.

5) 2009 – Georgia 30, Tech 24 — Washaun Ealey and Caleb King run wild at Grant Field against the now vacated ACC champions.  The Dawgs beat the Jackets at their own game by grinding out first down after first down and stifle the Tech triple option offense.  It was clear that night that “we run this state.”

Terrible Defeats

1) 1999 – Tech 51, Georgia 48 (OT) — Jasper was down.  In today’s era of instant replay, the replay booth would have overturned the call by the SEC officiating crew that ended up being suspended from participation in any post-season games.  Tech has their first field goal blocked in overtime but recovers the ball to kick again on 4th down to break the Dawgs’ hearts in Atlanta.

2) 2008 – Tech 45, Georgia 42 — Georgia blows a 28-12 halftime lead as the Tech triple option offense takes its toll after multiple Georgia mistakes to break a 7-game losing streak.  The sight of Reshad Jones’ attempts to bump Roddy Jones to the ground still cause nightmares.  Matthew Stafford plays a great game except a very ill-advised pick 6 that changes the momentum in the game.

3) 1998 – Tech 21, Georgia 19 — Tech breaks their 7-game drought with a late field goal in Athens that should have never happened.  Joe Hamilton fumbles on the final drive, and the ACC referees call him down in another play that would have likely been overturned in today’s era of instant replay.

4) 1984 – Tech 35, Georgia 18 — In my first Tech game in attendance, Tech hammers the Dawgs between the hedges to break a 6-game losing streak.  All I remember that night is that I had attended or seen other Georgia losses, but I never wanted to experience that feeling again.

5) 1989 – Tech 33, Georgia 22 — In my only appearance at Historic Mark Richt Field at Vince Dooley Stadium, Ray Goff’s 1st team gets beaten senseless by Tech.  I swore I would never return to a game in that stadium designed supposedly by a bunch of engineers.

It’s the Most Important Game of the Year

I hate losing to our other rivals, but the feeling after a loss to Tech is like the feeling that you get after your little brother beats you at anything.  He doesn’t remember the other 20 times you bloody his nose.  They win so rarely their team gets a ring for beating us by just 3 points.  Ray Goff got fired at Georgia even after beating Tech 5 times in a row.  We expect to beat them every year, and they hope to beat us once every five years.  Let’s bloody “little brother’s” nose again on Saturday.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a detailed preview of the game.

Until then, I would love to read your comments below.

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3 Responses to Old-Fashioned Hate – Highs and Lows

  1. Jordan says:

    ’98 and ’99 were absolutely terrible. You said it best, when they win, formerly unknown yellow jacket fans emerge from the shadows to remind you of the Dawgs defeat over and over again all year long.

    51 – 7 was my freshman year. “Tara’s Theme” never sounded as sweet as it did that afternoon. I’ve memorialized that one in various ways and am reminded of it almost daily; five and one are the two numbers I always manage to work into my passwords.

    This year, the game has taken on more significance than ever. My fiancée’s family are Tech people. Her brother and sister-in-law are both Tech grads. Thankfully, my fiancée, like me, is a Double Dawg. I’ll be at her parents for the game today…I hope it’s a pleasant visit.

    I’m new to the blog. It’s a great read, keep up the good work and, Go Dawgs!

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