It’s Time for Basketball Season – Kentucky Preview


Tomorrow afternoon, the Georgia Bulldogs have a chance to end a 6-year drought of appearing in the SEC championship game with a win over the Kentucky Wildcats.  This Kentucky team is a shadow of its former self with the departure of Randall Cobb to the NFL.  I agree with others who have written that Cobb seemed to be there for eight years sort of like Tommie Agee at Auburn.  Sandwiched between rivalry games, this one has the potential to be a trap game, but I don’t think Kentucky has the “horses” to make it one.

When Kentucky Has the Ball


The Wildcats’ offense has been very mild in 2011.  They have had quarterback issues and, therefore, trouble moving the ball with any hint of consistency.  The Georgia defense is deep, fast and athletic.  I look for Shawn Williams to have a big game between his ability to support the run and cover the medium-range, middle-of-the-field passing game.  Kentucky’s best hope for moving the ball against the Georgia defense is quick passing and gadget plays.  The problem is they won’t have a Randall Cobb type of player on Sanford Stadium’s north sideline.

When Georgia Has the Ball


The Dreadlock Duo (Isaiah Crowell & Carlton Thomas) should be able to generate some yards in the running game behind an offensive line that is beginning to play to its potential.  The 2nd half last week was a beautiful sight for fans who like to see a power running game that can’t be stopped.  If the Dawgs develop a consistent running game, look for Aaron Murray to continue the good work in the passing game with Michael “White Lightning” Bennett and others.

What Will Happen

The only chance the ‘Cats have in this game is for Georgia to come in undisciplined and unfocused like they did in the 2nd half two years ago.  The Georgia coaching staff’s goal has to be for this not to happen.  Kentucky and its fans really have nothing to play for at this point other than to get ready for an opportunity to beat Tennessee next week.  This Georgia team has everything to play for and won’t disappoint.

Final Score:  Georgia 48, Kentucky 10

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