Are You Ready for Some Football?

Yes, I know it’s been a while since my last blog post.  I did a lot of reading other blogs during the off-season to try to get the pulse of the Bulldog Nation.  I think it’s pretty evident what the fan base’s mood is five weeks before kick-off against the Ponies in the Georgia Dome.  We’re cautiously optimistic (except for VineyardDawg, who makes Vince Dooley look like Pollyanna, and the guys over at Sports & Grits, who are ready for Gary Patterson to bring his yelling and 4-2-5 defense to Athens) based on the changes in the S&C program, the Dream Team, and Georgia’s position in the Fulmer Cup Standings.

Joe T and his strength & conditioning minions appear to have instilled a desire to win the 4th quarter.  Comments from players and former coaches are pointing to a new outlook.  We have heard this before, but this time it appears to be different.  Players who haven’t been willing to get with the program have left for northern Alabama and western Virginia.  We’ll find out on September 3 because we’re going to be in for a four-quarter battle with Boise.

The Dream Team is shaping up to be everything we expected.  While we await word on a couple of remaining signees, it’s apparent these guys have been told to come in this summer and be prepared to play on Saturdays.  The upperclassmen have pointed at Malcolm Mitchell as the guy most ready to make an impact in Atlanta.  We’ve also heard good things about the group of freshman defensive backs on campus.  The leaders on offense are taking an active role in developing Isaiah Crowell as quickly as possible.  Depending on the circumstances, I think we’ll probably see most of the skilled players and a few of the lineman in Atlanta.

Finally, we have seen a complete reversal on the discipline front.  I guarantee you it’s not because the UGAPD and the ACCPD aren’t looking for football players emerging from an alley or giving an incorrect middle name.  Earlier today, the Senator asked a question about who gets the credit.  I think McGarity requested changes, and the coaching staff was more than happy to oblige.  I don’t know if the reduced number of arrests and shenanigans will result in more wins, but it will definitely expose Tech fans who call us thUGA as the idiots they are.  I tend to think this is the direct result of the actions of leaders like Aaron Murray, Orson Charles, Christian Robinson, and Brandon Boykin.

Certainly, I hope these changes are for the better of the program.  At this point, I believe we could win every game on our schedule this year.  I also think there are 6 or 7 games that we could lose if things don’t go our way.  I guess we’ll know about 34 days from right about now.

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2 Responses to Are You Ready for Some Football?

  1. Hal Boyd says:

    Can’t wait.
    Go Dawgs !


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