A.J., Thanks for the Memories!

As you probably have heard by now, all-everything Georgia wide receiver, A.J. Green, has unsurprisingly decided to forgo his senior year to enter the NFL draft in April.  Although he had injuries that limited his availability in his freshman and sophomore seasons and the four-game suspension due to the jersey selling incident, no one could question his dedication on the field.  It appears pretty clear that he will be top 5 selection in the draft and possibly #1 overall.  I doubt he will go #1 because that slot typically goes to a franchise quarterback, left tackle or pass rushing defensive end/outside linebacker.

To me, A.J. looks a lot like a more polished version of Randy Moss without the attitude and with a professional work ethic.  He may not have the same straight-ahead speed of Moss but is probably a better route runner.  A.J. has also been willing to go over the middle, catch the ball in traffic, and make yards after contact.

To close this post, here are some of A.J.’s greatest hits:

Colorado 2010

LSU 2009

Arizona State 2009

Vanderbilt 2009

Arizona State 2008

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