Look Back to ISU and Ahead to the South’s Oldest Rivalry

Nothing happened in the game last Saturday that I didn’t expect.  I predicted 55-3, and the game ended 55-7.  Georgia is back to .500 and moves on to play Auburn down on the Plains.

Look Ahead to Auburn

Cam Newton is going to play because it doesn’t make sense for Chizik to sit him at this point in the season unless they know he should be ineligible.  The question is whether this week has taken away his ability to focus on the game at hand.  If Newton plays well, we aren’t going to win because we have had issues with mobile quarterbacks all year.  If he doesn’t, we have a fighting chance to win our 5th in a row over the Tigers.  Georgia must win the turnover battle to have a chance to win this game because we aren’t going to be able to match Auburn’s offense score for score.

While I think we’ll score enough points to win, I don’t think we’ll be able to slow the Auburn offense down enough to win a shootout.  I hope I’m wrong, but my prediction is Auburn 41, Georgia 31.

At the end of all this Cam Newton story, I think we’re going to be glad that the Georgia staff thought he would be a good tight end instead of a quarterback.

A couple of great memories from the series:

Look at the sugar falling from the sky! (unfortunately, no Munson)

70-X Takeoff

UGA V takes a bite

Blackout Saturday

Old Lady Luck saved us!

Between the Hoses

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