Look Back to Florida and Ahead to Idaho State

I said in my preview that I thought the game was going to be a war, and, for once, I was right.  These two long-time rivals in a game of two halves that were mirror images of one another.  The bottom line came down to turnovers again, and we find ourselves on the short end of a 34-31 loss in overtime.

Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham gave the "choke" sign to Florida kicker Chas Henry in overtime on Saturday. Florida won.

The Good

A never-say-die attitude – This Georgia team went to a place where many others, including the last 2, have gone and don’t return.  Down by 2 touchdowns caused by our own mistakes at the half, the Dawgs rose up and played very well in the second half to tie the game and take it to overtime.  I’ve seen too many Cocktail Parties that turned into routs in the same situation over the last 20 years.

Orson Charles and the wide receivers – Orson Charles picked up his first 100-yard receiving day on Saturday by making big plays and moving the chains.  The wide receivers not named A.J. made plays led by Tavarres King with a long touchdown reception and Kris Durham who played hurt most of the game.  A.J. Green made two enormous catches late in regulation including the game-tying touchdown on a beautifully thrown ball.  If Aaron Murray had the same first half as he did in the second, Georgia wins this game going away.

The Bad

Failure to take advantage of presented opportunities – The defense failed to take advantage of three opportunities to stop drives with turnovers.  At least one of the possessions led to Florida points and another prevented us from having a potential opportunity to kick a field goal at the end of regulation to win the game.  Also, we failed to take advantage of a couple of muffed punts where the ball bounced right back to the Gator punt returner.

The overtime play-calling – We went for “One and done, baby” on first down.  A better throw by Murray is probably a touchdown.  The sprint draw on second down put us clearly behind the chains.  The disaster that was third down effectively ended it although Florida still had to kick a field goal to win.  Although the Dawgs have been on the winning and losing side of overtime, I’m not a fan of the current format.  I think the NCAA should implement the NFL’s overtime rule with a requirement where both teams get the ball at least once.

Aaron Murray’s first half – I know he has to be sick about playing like a freshman in this game, but his first half was abysmal with the 2 interceptions (where he could have gotten some help), the fumble (where he made a bad decision), poor throws to open receivers, and the inability to get the ball to A.J.  If this game is the worst he plays against Florida, he could leave Athens with a 3-1 record against our cross-border rival.

Look Ahead to Idaho State

Even with the deflating loss from Saturday, Georgia wins 55-3.  Due to changes in scheduling philosophy, I guess we season ticket holders need to get used to these kinds of games.

Around College Football

After the game, I couldn’t bring myself to watch any other games.  My impressions are Oregon and Auburn definitely look to be the class of the country, Alabama is waiting in the wings for a November date with Auburn in T-town, and TCU and Boise are probably on a collision course to play each other in a BCS game once again.  I find myself struggling on whether to pull for Darth Visor or Corch in a couple of weeks.  Maybe I’ll just root for a large chasm to open up under The Swamp instead.

That’s it for now.  I would appreciate any comments inserted below.

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1 Response to Look Back to Florida and Ahead to Idaho State

  1. E.R. Anderson says:

    Sickening. I finally grabbed the media guide and counted. Since my freshman year, 1984, 7 – 19.

    I didn’t see this season coming. I wasn’t making reservations for ATL. I thought 3 – 4 losses. Either SC or Ark, FL, and Auburn and/or Tech.

    I think we get to a bowl at 6 – 6 because GT QB is out.

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