Look Back to UT and Ahead to Vandy

41-14 – I didn’t expect that.  We got a glimpse of the talent this team has when it plays a focused game and executes on an aggressive game plan.  The Dawgs went out and took control of the game from the opening kick-off and didn’t let up until the game was well in hand.  I particularly enjoyed the booing of Da’Rick Rogers after his one catch for -3 yards.  I heard that Alec Ogletree decked him on a kick-off return as well (I would love to see video of that).  Hopefully, this game is the beginning of a climb out of a very deep hole.

The Good

Aaron Murray – He has grown up in front of the Bulldog Nation.  He ran the team yesterday very well.  After watching the game, I could only think of one poor throw he made.  Defenses are going to have to start game planning for his running threat in addition to the passing threat.  For the issues we have had with the offensive game planning and play calling, Mike Bobo has coached young Aaron very well.

Run Defense – I worried that Tennessee was going to jam Tauren Poole down our throats all day like South Carolina did with Marcus Lattimore.  We defended the point of attack very well, and Poole never got on track.  Kudos to the front seven for a well played game!

Coaching – Coach Richt changed a couple of things up this week by taking a fan’s suggestion to lead the team out of the tunnel like Saban and Meyer and by having physical practices this week.  The coaching staff has already said they won’t go 1s vs 1s this week.  I hope this doesn’t signal that we don’t want to play fast and physical this week.  The game plans were solid and executed well.  After the last couple of debacles, I give the coaching staff kudos for their preparation this week.

The Bad

Pass Defense Against the Deep Ball – Tennessee would have had fewer than 200 yards of total offense without the breakdowns on a number of deep passes.  We still can’t cover a wheel route out of the backfield (I guarantee we’ll see that with Locke at UK, Demps at UF and the Auburn backs).  Our safeties seem to get lost on the deep ball.  We need to get that corrected before we play more high-powered offenses over the next 4-5 weeks.

Offensive Line Play – We still aren’t getting a good push with our offensive line.  As a result, our running game has been very pedestrian at this point.  Caleb King almost got killed in the first half as a result of a missed assignment, and Murray took a couple of hits as a result of pass protection breakdowns.

Look Ahead to Vandy

Vandy has the league’s worst offense in yardage and scoring.  We should be able to continue our solid defensive play this Saturday against the Commodores.  The big questions is whether we will be able to continue to generate enough offense to win easily.  I think that we will.  Right now, I think we probably win 34-10 and get ready for a battle on the Kentucky bluegrass.

What Else Caught My Eye on Saturday

LSU vs. Florida

Is Les Miles the luckiest man on the planet right now?  After nearly blowing the game last week in Knoxville, LSU survives again this time in The Swamp after a fake field goal where a terrible pitch bounces right up to the kicker to get the first down.  Games with Alabama, Auburn, and Arkansas should give the Bayou Bengals plenty of need for Tums with the Mad Hatter running the show.

I’ll admit I didn’t see South Carolina’s beatdown of Alabama yesterday happening.  The part of the game I saw seemed to show that the game hasn’t passed Darth Visor yet.  The Gamecocks took Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide to the woodshed.  I’m still not sold on Stephen Garcia at quarterback, but Jeffery is the real deal at receiver.  Marcus Lattimore is a beast at running back.  Who outside of the Palmetto State would have been thinking that South Carolina would be the front runner to represent the East in Atlanta?  I don’t think many hands are up right now (including mine).

That’s it for now.  I would like to read your comments below.

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