The Hillbillies Come to Town

In two hours, Georgia and Tennessee tee it up in the best college football town in America at Sanford Stadium.  Both programs are reeling for different reasons.  Tennessee is struggling in the aftermath of Junior (aka Lane Kiffin).  A Dooley will be patrolling a sideline in Athens today but on the wrong sideline.  Derek Dooley has his team playing hard in spite of its talent by competing with Florida and LSU.  He appears to have the Volunteer football program headed in the right direction.  Georgia is inexplicably struggling and currently is playing the worst football in the SEC.  We haven’t seen a Georgia team with a record like this since 1990 when Ray Goff had to deal with the talent deficit left over at the end of Papa Dooley’s reign between the hedges.  No one seems to be able to put a finger on the underlying problems, but Coach Richt seems to have decided to see who wants to play Georgia football with very physical practices this week.

Same song, different verse:  If we act like we want to be there, we should win.  If not, we’ll be staring at the wall on Saturday night wondering what has happened to the Georgia football program.  My pick:  Georgia 24, Tennessee 14.

Let’s close this post with the two best moments in the Georgia-Tennessee series:

The Hobnail Boot

Oh, You Herschel Walker!

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