Look Back to ULL and Forward to USCe

As a weekly feature during football season, I’m going to try to take a look back at the previous week’s Georgia game and ahead at our upcoming opponent.  Also, I’ll toss in a little about the game day experience and my take on what’s currently going on in the world of God’s sport, college football.

Look Back to ULL

Last Saturday, Georgia did what good teams do in “rent-a-win” games.  They put it away early, let the younger players play, and kept the foot on the gas.  We have not done that successfully much recently in similar games.

The Good

Jeannie and I spent a fun day between the hedges.  She enjoyed the band and the game, and I enjoyed the company, breakfast at the Mayflower downtown, and a relaxing win for the Dawgs.

Aaron Murray played well by managing the game and distributing the ball to his playmakers.  The offense put up 48 points without the services of A.J. Green and Washaun Ealey.  Murray made a few freshman mistakes but met expectations overall.  I believe over the next couple of years, he is going to be a special player at quarterback.  A little D.J. Shockley, David Greene, and Buck Belue all rolled into one.

The defense, with the exception of one play, played extremely well, and Coach Grantham let the defense know he wasn’t happy at all with the one.  The biggest crowd reaction of the day was the glee in Grantham’s rant after the touchdown.  Justin Houston played very well, and Brandon Wood seemed to be a playmaker.  DeAngelo Tyson was solid at the nose.  When ULL went to the spread, it was fun to watch our 4-2-5 attack the quarterback and force negative plays.

Blair Walsh and Drew Butler were money.  Need I say more?

The Bad

After ULL returns the opening kick-off close to mid-field, I turn to the guys who have sat behind me for years and say, “Is Jon Fabris back on the sidelines?”  Thankfully, that kick return was the only one where we were looking for a challenge.

Our offensive line didn’t blow the opponent off the ball as many were expecting.  ULL sold out to stop the run, and we didn’t ever really get a consistent push up front.  O-line play is the one area where we will need to pick up our performance in Columbia on Saturday.

Look Forward to South Carolina

The game on Saturday is already looking like it will be a war like many Dawg-Cock fights have been over the last 10 years.  Darth Visor may have finally gotten to Stephen Garcia, who played well on Thursday night against Southern Miss.  Marcus Lattimore looked like a fine freshman running back, but he’s no Herschel Walker or Garrison Hearst.  The performance of their defense surprised me.  Southern Miss moved the ball fairly easily against Ellis Johnson’s group but didn’t get a lot out of their effort.

The key to this game is whether we continue the disciplined play we saw this past Saturday.  An efficient offense combined with an aggressive defense and a spectacular kicking game should prove to be the difference.  I have a distinct feeling that Coach Grantham has some surprises in store for Spurrier and Garcia.  While I think the game is going to go the full 60 minutes, I think we win more easily than expected.  For some reason, I’m coming up with 23-14 in favor of the Dawgs.  Special teams make the difference, and Blair Walsh provides the margin with 3 field goals.

Around the World of College Football

Congratulations to Boise State on their win last night over Virginia Tech!  I was pulling for VPI because I still don’t think BSU deserves a national title shot with that joke of a schedule they play and that joke of a league they dominate.  I agree with Andy Coleman that BSU is probably a 7-5 team if they had to play Georgia’s schedule.  They don’t have the depth of talent to survive the wars that are back-to-back in the SEC grind.  As a side note, Nike made both teams look ridiculous last night with those uniforms.

John Brantley got off to an inauspicious start in Gainesville on Saturday.  The mighty Gators did not look like the dominant team we’ve seen over the last 3 years.  They had significant struggles moving the ball consistently.  I expect that Corch Meyers is working overtime to correct what went wrong before they host South Florida in The Swamp Saturday.  Saturday’s performance by Florida made the game in Columbia even more significant as the winner will likely be Florida’s challenger for the East.

Alabama looked like they haven’t missed a beat since the national title game in January in Pasadena.  Greg McElroy is a leader, and Mark Ingram wasn’t missed while he recovers from knee surgery.  I’m looking forward to another SEC-Big Televen beatdown on Saturday night in Tuscaloosa when the Nittany Lions come calling.

Finally, are the Seminoles back?  They looked like FSU of old with the way they beat up poor Samford.  We’ll find out Saturday in Norman against the Sooners, who appeared to have some of the same challenges in pass defense we saw over the last five years.  Willie Martinez, anyone?

That’s it for tonight, I would like to read your comments below.

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