Mama Called

 	Greg McGarity will officially begin his duties as Georgia's athletic director on Sept. 1.

Welcome home to Athens and back to Bulldog Nation, Greg McGarity.  As soon as everything happened with Damon Evans, I joined others in thinking that McGarity was the right choice to replace Evans.  In Bear Bryant’s words, Mama called and he answered.  It’s clear from his remarks that the Georgia AD job was likely the only one to lure him away from the Evil Empire in Gainesville.

First, I’m not a big fan of El Duce (AKA Michael Adams), but he put aside political issues and made the right hire.  Maybe he won’t get booed the first time he’s introduced at a home game this year, but I doubt it.  It was clear that McGarity was his first choice and he was hell-bent on hiring him.  The other 40 people who dropped their resume really had no chance to get the job once McGarity indicated his interest.

Second, McGarity comes into a situation similar to south of the border.  He will lead a department that is financially successful and probably has a stronger balance sheet than his former employer.  He has good coaches in Mark Richt and Mark Fox at the two major positions, football and men’s basketball.  He will steer an athletic program that is championship quality in multiple other sports:  golf, swimming, women’s gymnastics, tennis, women’s basketball, women’s soccer, softball and baseball.

Third, McGarity needs to demand that every one of our programs competes at a national championship level.  He is going to have multiple coaching decisions that will be made over the next few years.  He will have to make sure we retain Mark Fox for as long as possible to build on the men’s hoops program.  He will likely have a number of head coaches that will retire on his watch (e.g., Andy Landers and Jack Bauerle).  He is going to have to make some tough decisions related to current coaches who need to prove their worth over the next few years (Perno and Clark).  He is going to need to determine how to handle Coach Richt and answer the question of what is good enough.

Once again, welcome home, and “it’s great to be a Bulldog on Saturday night”!

When does Finebaum write his “McGarity is bad for Richt” column in the Alabama newspapers?

I would love to read your opinion in the comments below.

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