Recap of the Scotland Trip

I didn’t do as much posting as I wanted from St. Andrews due to quality of net connection at the hotel.  I’ll give a quick recap of the trip in one post.

First off, my dad and I had a great time together in Scotland.  It was the father-son trip of a lifetime even though it was exhausting.  We laughed and joked about things for a week to the point that my facial muscles are worn out.  The trip will be a lifelong memory that I’ll enjoy.

Second, while neither of us played to our handicap during the week, we both had our moments that kept us coming back.  Dad’s birdie on the 1st hole we played was a thing of beauty.  My birdie on the 14th hole at the Old Course after a perfect 7-iron to 3 feet from left of the Hell Bunker was the best shot I hit the entire trip.  Most importantly, to walk across the Swilican Burn bridge with Dad was great, and for us both to par the hole in front of the crowd that is always gathered around the 1st tee and 18th green was excellent.

Third, we had our challenges on the golf course as well.  Links-style golf is completely different than how we play here in the U.S.  You hit what appears to be a perfect shot just to see it go rolling into a bunker that’s looks like a coffin or to see it disappear into rough that would make Tiger Woods wince when he swings through it.  Links golf is meant to be played along the ground off tight fairways as opposed to the way we play the game in the air in the U.S.  When the wind was up as it was in the afternoon at Carnoustie, you play the game to survive.

I would recommend the trip for anyone who loves the game.  Don’t go over with the expectation that you’re going to play to your handicap.  Get the full experience by paying for a caddie whenever you can.  Most importantly, go with someone who will share the memory of a lifetime.

If you want to see more pictures from the trip, just go to my Facebook page.

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