Day 2 – Kingsbarns Golf Links

Dad and I woke up early after a night of watching rugby and football (soccer) highlights.  After breakfast, we jumped in the car to drive to Kingsbarns Golf Links for a 2:40 tee time about 10 miles outside of St. Andrews.  We’re just outside of St. Andrews when I see the Castle Course at St. Andrews.  We stop for a look and a picture.  I end up taking this picture:

We get back in the car and drive to Kingsbarns, a beautiful little Scottish town.  I open the trunk and realize that my golf shoes are nowhere to be found.  I worry that’s a bad sign to start off the day.

We tee off after lunch with our two caddies (mine is Gavin, a 26-year-old who immediately reminds me of Ian Poulter).  Both Dad and I hit nice drives on the 1st.  I pull my second shot into the rough left of the green, and Dad throws a dart in about 15 feet away.  He knocks it for a birdie on his first hole of the trip, and I ask him if he’s going to go sit in the clubhouse now.

I saw parts of the golf course especially on the front 9 that the architect did not have in mind when he laid out the golf course.  The golf course was fantastic and the company even better:

We had a great time on the course, and we didn’t scare off our caddies since they told us, “We’ll see you on Friday.”  Our caddies independently recommended this fish & chips place in Anstruther, the Anstruther Fish Bar, for dinner.  I would recommend going off the beaten path to grab a bite here right on the harbor.

It’s 10:50 p.m., and Papa is down for the count.  Check back tomorrow for a recap of the round at the Old Course.

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1 Response to Day 2 – Kingsbarns Golf Links

  1. David Peoples says:

    This looks like a wonderful trip Ed. I can only hope and pray that my brother, sister and I will have an opportunity for at least one truly special memory making trip with our dad, who we all have had less than wonderful relationships with. He has always been such a tough old bird who lives behind a wall of tough and ornery and rarely reveals his true feelings about anything. I do credit dad with my passion for sports. So, I feel that our trip should be a sports trip as well. Thanks for sharing your trip with your dad. It has proven inspirational in motivating me to pursue a similar adventure with my pops! DP

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